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Paceline is the first fitness rewards platform to incentivize and reward consumers for their healthy behaviors. Why not reward your customers for the very activities that both you and they care about most – taking care of their health and wellness with your brand.

We love meeting mission-driven health and wellness brands who are looking to change the nature of preventive health in society, by getting America moving and living healthy lifestyles.

It’s simple to get started. So why not come join the Paceline. Not only can we help you achieve your brand’s goals, but we can change people’s lives one person at a time.

New Customer Acquisition

Introduce your brand to our always growing community of active, health and wellness focused consumers.

Existing Customer engagement

Paceline offers unparalleled engagement in health and wellness overtime based on our weekly, monthly, and quarterly rewards structure. Leverage our addictive app experience to give your customers ongoing reminders and incentives to continue engaging with your brand.

Next level analytics

Our differentiated data set (always anonymized) enables highly targeted offers so you can reach the customers you know you want, while easily testing into new segments.

Customer insights

Paceline’s pre and post campaign data and insights can benchmark real change in consumer behavior and demonstrate real marketing ROI.

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If you have a health and wellness brand that you think Paceline consumers would value, and that is not available elsewhere in the market (we only offer Paceline users offers they can’t get elsewhere), contact us at

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Our Partnerships

We love our partners who have joined us in this journey to change the nature of preventive health in society. We are fortunate to work with these mission-driven, customer-focused brands and are delighted to share their amazing offers with our Paceline community.

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