Paceline Crossbar

Partnering With Paceline

We're on a mission to motivate the world to move more. And the more firms and communities that partner with Paceline, the healthier that world can be. It's good to share.

Our Solutions

Our technology is engineered to be easy to integrate and flexible, offering a range of opportunities with minimal implementation effort.

Simplify Your Purchase Experience

By introducing data from wearables into your purchase experience, you can personalize the shopping journey to remove friction and simplify choice. For all you insurers, that means no more intrusive health questions!

Establish Engagement Through Health

The brand engagement consumers have on the topic of their fitness and health is beyond anything experienced in most other industries. By embedding Paceline, you can establish a foundation that offers a natural narrative into many other opportunities.

Make It Easier to Live A Healthier Life

Healthier employees, healthier customers, and healthier communities are good for society, good for business, good for the economy, and good for the world. It’s that simple. Join the movement!


Our Team

We're building the leading unified wellness platform in the world, and we are looking for likeminded partners. Together we can build a healthier world AND unlock economic opportunity. If that sounds like a good fit, let us know!