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Our 5 favorite financial podcasts

We love podcasts. How could you not? No matter what you fancy, chances are there’s a podcast about it out there in the digital audio ether and financial podcasts are no different. Whether it’s general advice about managing finances or more hardcore deep dives into the nuances of cryptocurrencies, the options are seemingly endless. That’s why we’ve put together a short list of our 5 favorite financial podcasts that arm us with the financial wellness tools we need. You can find all of these wherever you get your podcasts from.


1. Planet Money

Produced by NPR, this is a great listen if you’re trying to get a grasp on what is going on with money and finance in the world. Subjects run the gamut and the style is more of a storytelling format which makes for easy listening. Our favorite part is that it takes often confusing topics and makes them simple to understand. The episodes are fairly short so this is a good one to listen to on your commute to work or while making breakfast in the morning.


2. How to Money

Hosted by best friends Joel and Matt, How to Money is a podcast all about personal finance geared towards those who may not know much about the topic. Usually over a beer, Joel and Matt tackle everything from how much money you should have in your emergency fund to Kim Kardashian’s influence on crypto. Beyond being informative, we love how accessible the information feels and that it feels like a conversation with friends. Cheers to normalizing financial discussions!


3. So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Farnoosh started her financial independence journey as an indebted student trying to figure it all out on her own in New York City. She decided to share the lessons she learned on that journey and her knowledge on nearly every personal finance topic is immeasurable. What we love about So Money is Farnoosh’s willingness to have the types of tough financial discussions that are often taboo in today’s day and age. 


4. The Stacking Benjamins

Beyond having maybe the best show name of any financial podcast, Stacking Benjamins has been around for a while by podcast standards. Hosts Joe Saul-Sahy and OG cover a wide range of financial topics with a humor and wit that will make you laugh out loud without warning. 


5. Choose Fi

We all want to retire at some point in life, right? Choose Fi arms listeners with the information they need to ensure that goal can not only happen but happen sooner than you think. From investment and retirement account advice to tips on how to save and budget more effectively, Choose Fi provides awesome information in easy to comprehend episodes.


So next time you’ve got a spare chunk of time on your hands, download one of these awesome financial podcasts to help boost your knowledge. You’ll be a financial wellness wizard faster than you can hit that subscribe button!