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Thank you Pacers

Let’s celebrate

We had a big week last week. After lots of hard work, we secured our Series A funding round. We know, we know – why should you care? While startup funding news is probably rarely front-page fodder or water cooler chit-chat, this is a big deal for us! Beyond the fact that it allows us to continue to grow and improve the Paceline experience for everyone, it’s a tangible reminder that you all support and believe in what we’re doing.


When our founder, Joel set out to create Paceline he did so with the vision that incentivizing people to lead healthier lives could change the world. 15 months later, you’ve all helped prove that it was more than just an idea – it’s a movement. Since beta testing began, Paceline users have logged over 20 million workouts, more than 600 million exercise minutes, and longer and longer streaks. You’ve taken full advantage of all that hard work and redeemed more than $1 million in rewards value from brand partners like Pandora, Hyperice, Thrive Market, and Echelon. 


We couldn’t have done any of it without this incredible community of active and passionate Pacers. So from all of us here at Paceline, thank you. This funding round will help us continue to grow and make the Paceline experience more immersive and rewarding for everyone. With the launch of the very first Paceline health and wellness credit card just around the corner, we have so many exciting things to look forward to in the coming months. 


While we’re thrilled to share this incredible news with you, we know our work is only just getting started. So raise a glass of your favorite beverage (or recovery shake) and take a moment to celebrate with us. 


If being part of a driven and passionate team dedicated to helping create a healthier society sounds like something you want to be a part of, let us know – we’re hiring! 


We can’t wait to continue this health and wellness journey with you all by our side.