Rewards that move you.

The more you move, the more you earn. Elevate your heart rate for 150 minutes a week to earn a streak and unlock exclusive rewards. The more streaks you hit, the more rewards you earn. It’s about time all your hard work paid off, isn’t it?

Treat yourself with the brands you love.


It's great to be rewarded for hard work. I've not only improved my health, but I've earned some incredible rewards along the way!



Paceline helps motivate me to be consistent with my workouts, plus getting a little reward after each week keeps things fun and exciting



I love getting introduced to new brands every week that help inspire me to keep hitting my fitness goals.



Having the option to donate my reward to charity each week makes all my hard work feel worth it.


Enhance your rewards experience with the Paceline Card.

Earn unlimited 3% cash back on eligible Health & Wellness spend1 as well as 2X Paceline rewards.3