"Our goal is to bring fitness and financial rewards together into one seamless ecosystem that works for you."

— Joel Lieginger, Founder

During a stop at our local coffee shop after a bike ride, the question came out, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we got a free coffee to celebrate our hard work?” Coming from a background in financial services, our founder Joel knew this idea was very much possible. In fact, there were plenty of corporate wellness programs that incentivize large companies to make sure their employees stay active and healthy, but those financial rewards ultimately stay with the company. There’s never been a wellness program that directly rewards the ones doing the work to stay healthy (that’s you!) with actual financial benefit.

We’ve made it our mission to finally align the worlds of fitness and financial services so that we—the active—can see the direct benefit of this ecosystem. The more we move, the healthier we become, the more rewards we see. As individuals, we all know that exercising at least three times a week is nearly a universal benchmark, and it just so happens that so too do the American Heart Association and World Health Organization — who have long recommended that getting 150+ minutes of physical activity, over at least three days each week, is the universal basis for good health.

As a team with 125 combined years of experience across the financial services, consumer, and digital sectors (including AIA, Sephora, Capital One, No Wait, The Real Real, Wayfair, and Prolific), we understand how and why consumers and financial services groups can benefit from investing in healthy behavior for individuals and society—because it’s mutually beneficial. So why not make it easier to reward active behavior with actual rewards? We’re starting the movement. And we’re just getting warmed up.

Here’s to good health.


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