Incentive Terms & Conditions


What you need to do to receive a Bestow insurance incentive

We run various insurance incentive programs where Pacers who complete and submit an insurance application receive an Incentive.  We will give each Pacer who received our email invitation to apply for insurance via the Bestow website an Incentive comprised of a $10.00  Amazon gift card plus a bonus of 50,000 Pacepoints once you complete the following:

  1. Receive your non-transferable personalized email invite
  2. Click on the button in the email to go to the Bestow website
  3. Complete an insurance application on the Bestow website, including authorizations and certifications
  4. Submit the application for underwriting review and determination
  5. You must be among the first 500 respondents who complete an insurance application on the Bestow site.


No purchase necessary. You do not have to be approved for a policy and, if approved, you do not have to purchase a policy, to earn the Incentive.

We rely on Bestow, in their sole discretion, to determine who has completed an application.  

When you will receive your incentive

Eligible recipients will  receive the Incentive within 2 weeks after submitting an application to Bestow.  If you are eligible for the Incentive, you will be notified via email with instructions for claiming your Amazon gift card and you will see the bonus Pacepoints in your Paceline app.  Your Pacepoints bonus award and your Amazon gift card email may arrive on different days.

For Amazon Gift Card recipients: Restrictions apply, see amazon.com/gc-legal

Your Pacepoints bonus is subject to all of the same conditions as Pacepoints earned through activity in the app, including their expiration 24 weeks after the calendar week in which they are initially awarded.