How to choose a credit card

If you’ve ever thrown away junk mail or bulk-deleted your email spam folder then you know that there’s no shortage of credit card offers out there. While we’re certainly not spoiled for choice when it comes to options, finding a card that fits your lifestyle can help maximize the rewards and benefits on offer. It can feel overwhelming but with a little research and some planning, finding the right credit card for your lifestyle is much easier than it may seem.


What floats your boat?

Maybe you love traveling and are constantly searching travel blogs and Instagram accounts looking for inspiration for your next journey. Or maybe you love tech and make sure you’re the first person in line for the latest and greatest gadget hitting the shelves. Whatever you fancy, try finding a credit card that offers rewards you’ll actually want to take advantage of. Quadruple points on travel won’t mean much if you can’t stand airports. However, if health and wellness is a big part of your life, may we suggest signing up for the waitlist to learn more about the first health and wellness credit card from Paceline 😎??


What makes you swipe?

We’re not talking about dating apps, we’re talking about what you imagine you’ll be using a credit card for. If you’re trying to consolidate some debt and do a balance transfer, there are a host of options out there with low interest rates for the first year to help facilitate paying off large chunks of debt. If you plan on making large purchases you want to pay off over time, finding a card with a lower interest rate is something you’ll want to explore. Orm you may strategically utilize a credit card to maximize your cashback or points earnings based on where you spend money most often. If you go to lululemon once a month to stock up on athletic apparel, finding a credit card that can reward those purchases is something that could make sense.


Know the score

Platinum and black credit cards with super-exclusive cardholders and incredibly chic benefits sound awesome, we know. However, knowing which type of credit card you’ll most likely be approved for is a step many people ignore. Applying for a credit card often requires a hard inquiry on your credit score which, if denied, won’t have a massive impact on your overall credit score but numerous hard inquiries can have more long-lasting consequences. Do your research before applying for a card and determine what minimum credit scores are required for cards you’re interested in. A little homework beforehand can help save on headaches later on. 


With proper planning, credit cards can be a great way to maximize your everyday spending and take advantage of attractive rewards and benefits. Whether you’re into cashback, rewards, or perks, preparing yourself with some key pieces of information can make a big difference. And like we said before if a health and wellness credit card that helps you take advantage of your already fit and active lifestyle sounds like something you’d be interested in, go ahead and watch this space 💪.

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