The first Health & Wellness credit card.

3% cash back on eligible Health & Wellness purchases.1  The latest Apple Watch.2 2X Paceline Rewards.3 $120 membership fee.4

Liv Well

Turn sweat into savings.

Unlimited 3% cash back on eligible Health & Wellness.1

Isn’t it time you got a credit card that started rewarding all your hard work? When you hit your Paceline streak, you can earn unlimited 3% cash back on your eligible gym membership, favorite coffee, sporting goods, and purchases at Nike, Old Navy, or lululemon to name a few.

Earn the latest Apple Watch.2

Earn up to $429 in weekly statement credits when you purchase the latest Apple Watch with your Paceline Card. Jumpstart your healthy lifestyle and start earning weekly credits when you hit your Paceline streak each week.

Double up your Paceline Streak rewards.3

As a Paceline Card holder, you get exclusive access to an extra reward each week when you hit your streak. Choose from a selection of gift cards, donations, discounts, and more. Swiping has never been more rewarding.

Now swiping is good for your health.

When you connect the pursuit of good health with financial gain, the impact on both becomes immeasurable. With the Paceline Card, your financial health is now just as important as your physical health.

Earn more rewards from your favorite brands.

Your health is a financial asset. It's time you
cashed in.