Paceline Card Closure FAQ’s

Can I still use my credit card?

Your ability to make purchases with your Paceline card will stop as of February 23 2023. However, any rewards earned, including cash back from prior purchases, will still be credited to your account.

Do I still need to make payments to the credit card account? 

Yes, any outstanding balance on your account is still owed in full, and must be paid per your cardholder agreement. Payment activity and status of your account will continue to be reported to the credit bureaus. If your account has a credit balance at the time of final termination, you will be issued a check for that amount. 

Will this closure damage my credit?

No, provided you continue to make payments on the remaining balance as required by your cardholder agreement Railsr will continue to report favorably to the credit bureaus. Once your remaining balance has been fully settled the account closure will be reported to the credit bureaus as a fully paid account.

What if I am enrolled in the Earn Your Apple Watch program?

If you were actively enrolled in the Qualifying Fitness Device (Apple Watch) Purchase Reimbursement program prior to February 22nd, the week of February 22nd is the final week that you will receive a weekly statement credit to your Paceline Card for hitting your Streak. By March 31, you will receive a statement credit for the full remaining balance (up to $429) of your Apple Watch. This credit will be issued to the balance of your Paceline Card or, upon the closure of your account, issued directly via check in conjunction with any credit balance refunds.

What happens to my cash back? 

Any cash back you have earned from purchases already made prior to the termination date will be credited to your account. Since spending privileges on your card are terminated after February 23 2023, you won’t be able to use your card for any more purchases or earn additional cash back rewards.

What is going to happen to my Streak and all my rewards? 

You can continue to hit your Streak and claim rewards in the app, and all other non-card functionalities within the app will continue uninterrupted.

What about auto pay & subscription services tied to my Paceline card?

If you have enrolled this card with any subscription services or automatic paying services, you will need to enroll an alternative credit/debit card on each of these services. Any transaction attempts on February 23, 2023 or after that will be declined.  

Will I be refunded the Annual Membership Fee?

If you were charged an AMF within 90 days of the termination date (February 23 2023), you will be refunded the $60 AMF as a statement credit to your Paceline account prior to the final termination date.

What if I signed up for the Paceline card as part of a promotion?

If you were approved for the Paceline Card using one of our promotion codes through a partner brand, we will issue any remaining statement credits to your Paceline account prior to the final termination date.

Can I still use the Paceline app?

Absolutely! You can continue to hit your streak each week and claim rewards. PS – we have some exciting new features coming soon!

What’s next for Paceline?

We’re glad you asked! We’ll be back with an enhanced card program with more earning criteria, more health and wellness features, cash back functionality, and more overall benefits for our users. In the meantime, you can continue to keep up your streak and earn weekly rewards through our app. 

Who can I talk to about this situation?

For additional support, please contact our Help Center here

Here’s some more information on making credit card payments and managing your credit profile at the credit bureaus.