The credit card for your wellness

Announcing the Paceline Card. The first health and wellness credit card

that can reward you for living a healthier life.


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Stay active, get rewarded.

Track your activity, hit your goals, earn rewards. Earn a reward once you reach 150+ exercise minutes for the week. You make fitness your priority. We make sure your fitness gets rewarded.

Paceline Rewards

Earn and unlock health and wellness rewards from our participating partners directly in the Paceline App just for hitting your 150 minutes of weekly activity.

CorePower Yoga

See the difference between a workout that changes your body and one that changes your life.

Set yourself up with seriously delicious meals crafted by Sun Basket’s award-winning chefs and delivered to your door.

Is reimagining the way the world looks at wellness and recovery. Feel better, move better, and recover faster.

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Achieve your first Paceline Streak to start earning rewards. Offers from premium wellness brands to bring you valuable rewards that you actually want!

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