The Road to Tokyo: It’s time

Road to Tokyo

An Olympics like no other means an opening ceremony like no other. After months of uncertainty over what these Games would look like, and indeed whether they would even take place at all, the Opening Ceremony was the IOC and Japan’s first statement to the world on how it would proceed. As athletes, we don’t […]

The Road to Tokyo with Madison Hughes


Hi, I’m Madison Hughes and I play for the USA Men’s Rugby 7’s team. As we prepare for the postponed 2020 Olympics in Tokyo this summer, Paceline asked me to relate some of my experiences as an athlete.    First, a bit about me. I grew up in London, England to an American mother and […]

Veteran’s Day Spotlight: Over Easy Founder, Kyle Maggard

Maggard family

For Over Easy’s Founder, Kyle Maggard, mornings have always been “get up and go” – whether as a West Point cadet, a college athlete, an Army officer, and especially now as a husband, father, and entrepreneur. Sick of having to choose between a dense protein bar that tastes artificial or a pastry loaded with sugar, […]