5 Coffee Myths That May Surprise You

Coffee Myths

A daily cup of coffee is something about half the American population has in common. Whether it’s delivered in a to-go cup or in a mug at home, there’s no lack of discourse around this beloved morning ritual. And that includes some misconceptions. We’re going to set the record straight with some help from Alan […]

6 Period Myths: OB-GYNs and Fertility Experts Weigh In

Period myths

With tampon shortages and sustainability top of mind, some women are rethinking how they approach their period, according to The New York Times.  Here, OB-GYNs and fertility experts break down commonly-believed misconceptions about periods and share what you really need to know about them.  Have you signed up for the Paceline Card yet? With the […]

7 Tips for Successful “Sweatworking”


Why, oh why does it seem like there are never enough hours in the day—and way too many minutes spent in back-to-back meetings? If you’d rather be moving your body than hunching over your laptop or sitting through another coworker coffee, lunch, or drink, it could be time to try “sweatworking,” the practice of networking […]

Wellness Glossary: Running Terms You Need to Know

Wellness glossary

While knowing about negative splits, tempo runs, and fartlek training (no, that’s not a typo!) isn’t an absolute must when it comes to running, understanding how these insider terms make up a training plan can help give you an edge when it comes to racing, according to Bethany Welch, a RRCA-certified run coach and owner […]

‘Seed’s Daily Synbiotic Supports a Happy Gut and Glowing Skin’

Paceline Seed

In this Paceline franchise, we ask Pacers, Paceline team members, and friends to test out products from our reward partners. Next up: Paceline Senior Email and Lifecycle Marketing Manager Emma Trevarthen gives Seed synbiotics a shot. You know those brands you keep seeing on your social feeds, just begging you to try them out? For […]

15.0 Questions: Natasha Fischer AKA Trader Joe’s List


A play on the 150 minutes needed to achieve a Paceline streak, 15.0 Questions presents influencers, industry experts, and fellow Pacers with 15 rapid-fire questions. Next up, Natasha Fischer, the woman behind the infamous @traderjoeslist Instagram handle and dog mom to Boo (who makes a guest appearance in the video version of this interview on […]

How Much Is Your Nutrition Worth?


Despite what those “what I eat in a day” TikTok fitness videos may have told you, nutrition is certainly not one-size-fits-all. In fact, it’s actually deeply individualized.  “Food doesn’t have moral value,” says Amber Pankonin, a registered dietitian and personal chef in Lincoln, Nebraska. There is no one perfect healthy eating plan, she says. Still, […]

15.0 Questions: Ultrarunner Dean Karnazes


A play on the 150 minutes needed to achieve a Paceline streak, 15.0 Questions presents influencers, industry experts, and fellow Pacers with 15 rapid-fire questions. First up, ultrarunner and bestselling author of seven books, Dean Karnazes. Dean is also an ambassador for Hammer Nutrition. Pacers can get a special offer and free gift in the […]

Take Charge of Your Financial Health: Tips from Money Coach Leandra Peters

Leandra Peters

Looking for money management or personal finance tips? At Paceline, we’re all about turning your health into wealth. We know that by exercising at least 150 minutes every week, you’re investing in your well-being for the future. That’s why we want to reward you for doing it: Apply now for the Paceline Card1 and you’ll […]