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Our Favorite Recent Paceline Rewards

At Paceline, we get just as excited to choose our weekly rewards as you do. And talks of who picked what, and how much we loved it, unfold on Slack and over Zoom. So, we thought we’d round up some of our favorite recent health rewards on the blog so Pacers could get in on the convo too. Keep reading for the sleep lozenges that help our partnerships manager fall asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow, the teeth whitening kit that wowed our marketing operations manager, and more. 

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Editor’s note: Our rewards are constantly changing so we can’t promise all of the below will still be an option this week. The upside: We’re also always adding new exercise reward partners so we hope you’ll find something you like just as much. See the latest here.

Emma, Senior Email and Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Reward pick: Gainful Protein

Why: I’ve been really into protein-packed smoothies after buying them post-Barry’s Bootcamp so wanted to see how I could learn to make my own to save a little $. But I knew I needed a good protein powder. I saw Gainful was a new Paceline partner and was so excited! After redeeming the reward, I learned they help personalize your supplements based on your workout regime and dietary restrictions. So not only did I get a new protein powder, but they recommended collagen and a pre-workout powder all for 50% off. Can’t wait to try the cookies and cream flavor! 

Matt, Head of Partnerships

Reward pick: Oars and Alps 

Why: I never thought of myself as someone who needs personal care products beyond deodorant, face wash, toothpaste, and shampoo. However, once I discovered Oars and Alps “Wake Up Eye Stick,” which I now call my personal “Brotox,” I felt like a new person. Working from home, and staring at a screen all day definitely takes a toll on your eyes. My new morning routine includes the Wake Up Stick and my days have never started so fresh! It also helps reduce puffiness and gives my eyes a kickstart to the morning! I hit my streak and got their brand new Everyday Sunscreen Lotion (6oz!) for free with my order. 

Ashley, Marketing Operations Manager

Reward pick: Laughland 

Why: After many mornings of Starbucks on the way to work, I realized it was probably time to try a teeth whitening kit. I’d tried the traditional strips before but they can be uncomfortable. I immediately chose Laughland as my Paceline reward when I hit my streak, and it was the best choice! Zero sensitivity, quick (only 5 minutes), and delivered right to my door. My teeth are visibly whiter—I highly recommend. Oh, and the best part is the LED light tray that plugs into your phone so you can scroll while the magic happens!

Catherine, Partnerships

Reward pick: Therabody 

Why: While the pandemic found some people with newfound passions for baking bread or binge watching Stranger Things, I found myself becoming an avid weightlifter! I’d always loved a good barre, Pilates, or yoga class, but once I started weight training three times a week…boy was I sore! Therabody to the rescue! My Theragun Mini goes with me everywhere and is an essential part of my warm-up and recovery. I use it daily and can’t imagine training now without it! Now that Paceline has a 30% off discount for their Therabody or Wave products, I’ll definitely have to upgrade and get the larger massage device. 

Giana, Partnerships 

Reward Pick: Kindroot Adaptogem Lozenges 

Why: I am not typically a lozenges gal unless pained with a deadly cough or sore throat, so I wasn’t overly jazzed about these Kindroot adaptogems…until I tried them (thankfully I’m a sucker for awesome packaging). The sleep lozenges have become my bedtime treat and BFF. I look forward to having one (or two!) before bed as the lavender vanilla taste is delicious, soothing, comforting, and just overall dreamy. More than that, I can truly feel the affects, which is saying a lot as I tend to be quite skeptical of CBD and other bedtime remedies which have never worked for me (at least not that I noticed). I have it about 20 to 30 minutes before bed and by the time I put my head on the pillow… voilà! ZZzzzzz. I sleep more soundly and feel fully rested in the morning. Highly recommend!

Caitlin, Director of Content Strategy

Reward pick: Wholelotta Good

Why: When I saw this brand in the Paceline app, I was intrigued that they bill themselves as the “go-to spot for dietitian-approved” food, vitamins, supplements, fitness equipment, and more. When I saw that this includes my already favorite Vega protein powder, No Cow bars, Super Coffee, and even yoga gear, I was sold. I can’t wait to officially place my first order — and get 30% off just for hitting my streak!