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In today’s post, the team at Paceline put together a list of our favorite products on Amazon. These are the things that we’ve loved adding to our cart after cashing in our rewards! Whether they spark joy for you as well or serve as inspiration for you to take advantage of with your own Amazon gift cards, take a peek at our picks below!

First of all, congratulations on hitting your streak—it’s time to celebrate by taking advantage of all your hard work! After you’ve claimed your Amazon gift card, it’s time to get to shopping. If you’re looking for a place to start, we’ve put together some of our favorite Amazon purchases that keep us moving that may inspire your own wish list.

These shoes were made for walking

The most popular workout for the Pacer community in 2021 was walking and that means a lot of good walking shoes. It’s recommended to replace your walking shoes every 500 miles, which typically happens around the 6-month mark for people walking at least 30 minutes a day (and around 3-months for those walking for at least an hour). So if you’re pounding the pavement, consider applying your rewards toward some new shoes.
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The soundtrack to your streak

Speaking of walking, maybe you like to stroll to an all natural soundtrack of birds or the buzz of a city. Or maybe the “Hot Girl Walk” is more your style, meaning you need some wireless headphones to blast music to strut along to. At Paceline, AirPods and other headphones were among our most-loved products on Amazon.

Paceline is an Amazon Associate and earns from qualifying purchases.
Yoga Mat

Yoga essentials

Our yogi community advocated to add yoga mats to the list, ensuring that Amazon offers a wide array of mats within a broad price range. So whether you’re looking for a higher-end mat to help you finally fly your crow or a more basic one to save your back during a core work out, you can use your Amazon rewards to help you get it.

Paceline is an Amazon Associate and earns from qualifying purchases.

The Gym Bag Carry-all

And finally, with the essential carry-all for those trips to the gym. Making sure you have a go-bag with your towel, Liquid IV, Bala Bands, or whatever you require to get that heart rate up and start logging minutes toward your streak. There’s been a lot of love around the office for the multi-colored bags from the sustainably-minded brand, Cotopaxi. You’ve invested in your health and now you get to reap the benefits! So whether you’re feeling inspired by our picks or already have your own in mind, don’t let your healthy rewards go to waste. And if you’re looking to reap more rewards on your health and wellness purchases, you can unlock up to 5% cash back1 with the Paceline Card, a health and wellness credit card. Terms and conditions apply.
Paceline is an Amazon Associate and earns from qualifying purchases.
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  1. Paceline Cardholders earn 1.5% cash back on qualifying purchases and 2.5% on qualifying Health & Wellness purchases. Achieving your weekly Paceline Streak will double your cash back for that week to 3% and 5% respectively. See your Paceline Rewards Program Terms Agreement for explanation and details about the Paceline Streak. See Paceline Cash Rewards Program Terms and Conditions for additional details. A qualifying Health & Wellness purchase is based on merchant category codes (MCC), and in the case of merchant specific rewards, on the merchant name provided to us, by the merchant’s credit card processor. Purchases made through third-party payment accounts, mobile or wireless card readers, mobile or digital wallets or similar technology may not be eligible for Health & Wellness rewards. Paceline makes every effort to include all relevant merchants in its Health & Wellness rewards categories. However, some merchants may not be classified in a particular category based on their classification with their credit card processor. If this occurs, purchases with that merchant will not qualify for Health & Wellness rewards.

Subject to credit check and approval.

Paceline is a health and wellness company, not a bank, and provides the rewards program. Credit card will be issued by Evolve Bank & Trust; Member FDIC pursuant to a license from Visa USA, Inc.

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