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Paceline Partners with World Wildlife Fund

Users of the Popular Retail Wellness Platform Paceline Can Choose WWF as their Reward Donation

SAN FRANCISCO, April 22nd, 2021 – Paceline, the first retail health and wellness platform that incentivizes consumers to live a healthy lifestyle, has announced that it has teamed up with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the world’s leading conservation organization

Paceline users can now choose to donate their weekly reward to WWF. This will allow Paceline users to join forces with people who love nature and want to protect the planet. Donations go directly to supporting WWF’s work helping local communities conserve the natural resources they depend upon; transform markets and policies toward sustainability; and protect and restore species and their habitats.  

“We are excited to be formalizing our partnership with World Wildlife Fund for awareness on a day so critical to environmental protection,” said Joel Lieginger, CEO and founder of Paceline. “The foundation of Paceline is built around healthy living so it’s vital we remain committed to supporting a healthy planet as well.” 

Paceline is the only retail wellness platform that rewards and incentivizes physical activity with material financial benefit from consumer health and wellness brands and retail financial services – from credit cards and banking to life and health insurance. The platform tracks physical activity through wearables and leverages customer spending data, accessed through a linked credit card, to curate health and wellness rewards. Paceline is using this data to build financial products from the inside out, starting with the first health and wellness credit card and dynamically priced life insurance products to change the nature of preventive health in society.

Today, the majority of healthcare investment is focused on better treating those who are already chronically ill with conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Paceline was built to keep people from suffering from these chronic diseases in the first place. The company does this by providing significant incentives to live an active lifestyle, which is one of the most important contributors to long term health. 

Paceline members have already logged over 14 million workouts, and over 400 million Paceline minutes, and over increasingly longer streaks with the earliest members maintaining 60+ weeks of consistent long-term activity. Since the launch of its beta program in January 2020, Paceline customers have earned and redeemed more than 400 thousand rewards to more than 60 brand partners representing more than $1 million in rewards value and they are just getting started. 

For more information, please visit https://paceline.fit/ or download at the Apple App Store. If you wish to learn more about WWF or donate before hitting your streak, please visit www.worldwildlife.org

About Paceline

Paceline is the first retail health and wellness platform that incentivizes consumers to live a healthy lifestyle. Paceline’s mission is to bring the worlds of physical and financial rewards together by incentivizing people to be active with curated offerings from health and wellness brands that yield healthier people and more valuable customers to partners of all kinds. Consumers earn health and wellness rewards for 150 minutes of elevated heart rate a week. Current investors include Montage Ventures, Propel Venture Partners, Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures, Courtside Ventures, GreatPoint Ventures, Lux Capital, Clocktower Technology Ventures, NextView Ventures, and angels including Mark McCombe, Senior Managing Director at BlackRock, in his personal capacity.  


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