It's time to transform our approach to healthcare.

Being healthy is more than just 10,000 steps a day. Lost amidst the information overload of exercise more, eat right, and prioritize mental health is the importance of financial wellbeing.

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Healthier individuals are more productive members of society. Today, no system exists that incentivizes the benefits of physical, mental, and financial health. The investment you make in yourself isn’t being properly monetized thus robbing you of the full benefits.

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Introducing, unified wellness.
The first-ever holistic approach to improving the health of individuals and society. At Paceline, we’re building the first unified wellness platform that incentivizes physical, mental, and financial health together, in a continuous virtuous cycle. We’re leveraging connected wearables and AI to reward you for achieving your fitness goals and are launching the first-ever health and wellness credit card that connects your physical health to your everyday financial life.
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We're changing the nature of preventative health.
We want to change the conversation and the focal point of healthcare: making it as much about keeping people healthy as it is about treating people who are sick. We believe healthy people can stay healthy with a consistent, long-term approach towards building positive habits that create wellness.

A holistic approach.

Motivation is key to reaching any goal. Combine your financial and physical efforts and earn rewards every step of the way.

We’re in this together.

When we incentivize the practice of preventative health, we make an active investment in the most valuable asset we have in society – ourselves. So join the movement as we set out to unify wellness for all.

Join our team.

If you want to help change the nature of preventative health, we want to hear from you. See our open roles below.

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Frequently asked questions

A Paceline minute is the amount of time you spend doing an activity whose intensity is equal to or greater than a brisk walk. This is NOT steps/workout length/distance. It’s the amount of time your watch tells us you maintained an elevated heart rate. You can only earn up to 50 Paceline minutes for a given day towards the weekly goal of 150+ Paceline minutes. We DO NOT support manually logged minutes, only those generated directly by your device qualify for Paceline minutes. This is done to prevent cheating by forging activity that has not taken place. For more information tap HERE.

Though you may have worked out for many minutes in duration, the length of your workout does not necessarily equal Apple Watch exercise/Fitbit active/Garmin intensity/Paceline minutes (because during a workout there could be times you’re stretching, drinking water, etc. that do not contribute to a higher heart rate or workout intensity). This is because your device measures Paceline minutes in a different manner that is based upon your heart rate. For more information tap HERE.

Sometimes Apple, Fitbit, and Garmin devices, without warning, may need to be reconnected to Paceline. For more information on your particular device, tap HERE.

Months back we began work to integrate Fitbit into Paceline. At the time, Fitbit had a value known as Active Minutes that is a very similar metric to what we track for Apple Watches and Garmin Watches. We decided to work to integrate this Fitbit Active Minutes value into our app to credit users for Paceline Minutes. On the actual day we planned to launch Fitbit support for Paceline, Fitbit released a new metric known as Active Zone Minutes, but only made this metric available for some devices. Unfortunately not only did Fitbit not provide the developer community a heads up on this, but also Fitbit removed the Active Minutes display from these users’ Fitbit apps and replaced it with the Active Zone Minutes display (like below) for the devices that support it. For more information tap HERE.

To claim a reward, start by tapping the “Reward” tab on the bottom-left of the screen. From there, you can see the list of available rewards for last week, this week, or next week. Depending on how many Paceline minutes you have logged so far, you can select to claim your available reward from last week or this week. For more information tap HERE.

As long as you have an account with a card linked and refer someone who creates an account AFTER 3/11/2021 and redeems a reward, you should be set and no other actions are needed from your end. For more information tap HERE.